About EagleTrades

EagleTrades Inc.

Who we are.

EagleTrades is a tech company that specializes in Bitcoin mining and trading of all major cryptocurrency. started operations in 2018 with a workforce of only 16 talented team made up of computer programmers, finance/investment consultants and Blockchain experts. We have since then grown to be one of the largest Crypto currency investment company in the world.

We pride ourselves in delivering results using technology that you won't find anywhere else. We are enabling smaller investors to finally get involved in the ever growing world of Bitcoin Mining and crypto trading and have real success even with little or no knowledge of trading, as there are professionals who work on account of clients with the aid of first class automated trading software and signals from community of professionals that detect when trades should be plugged to minimize trading risks and maximize profit.

What We Offer

We utilize the untapped potentials of Auto and Manual Trading, and our unique algorithms don't rely on common indicators, allowing them to deal with extreme market fluctuations and avoid incurring severe losses. By maximizing risk reduction in a highly volatile, fast-paced market environment, our holistic trading dynamics and software consistently provide returns of up to 160% per year. It is finally possible to get involved in these highly complex and highly profitable markets, without any expertise of your own.

Continuous Trading

Our experts and robots are continuously in the market. We trade every second of the day.

High Returns

Our expert knowledge of the crypto trading floor positions us to profit from the opportunities available in the cryptocurrency world.

Safe and Secure

Our platform is guarded by the most sophisticated security protocol available. Our investors' data are 100% protected.

Investment Planning

Our experienced investment planners can help you make the best investment choices. Whatever your financial goal is, we can help you achieve it.

Insurance Coverage

Investors' capitals are 100% insured against loss. We guarantee you a zero-risk trading experience. We take all the risk.

Instant Withdrawals

We pay our investors their profits straight to their wallet on request. You can make withdrawals anytime and get your wallet credited instantly.

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